Wood pellets

Ordering wood pellets contact us

Jekro Houtpellets’s production of these pellets is continuously monitored under a constant humidity and pressure. Would you like to order wood pellets or do you wish more information, please contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss your possibilities.

Wood pellets with high heating value

Jekro Houtpellets produces and delivers wood pellets with a high heating value and electronic ignition. This makes the pellets from Hekro Houtpellets a very suitable eco-friendly fuel with a neutral carbon footprint for wood pellet stoves. This alternative fuel is widely utilised for heating rooms and generating energy. We use a computer-driven installation at our facility to produce wood pellets. This ensures the delivery of high-quality products that always comply with the quality standards in place. Our Jekro pellets are produced in accordance with the EN+ standard.