Extensive shipping fleet for your wood fibre order

Klein Kromhof Houtvezel’s shipping fleet enables us to deliver your order quickly to the correct address. Our extensive shipping fleet consists of:

  • trucks
  • trailers
  • containers
  • flats
  • shovels
  • forklift trucks
  • truck mounted forklifts

Furthermore, we have a truck at our disposal that is capable of blowing wood pellets directly into a silo onsite. This is a useful and cost-effective solution, as we provide for it ourselves.

We keep waiting at a minimum

We often use our flat to ship our products. A truck mounted forklift is attached to the back of this flat, so we are able to unload at your site quickly and easily. Our goal is to make sure your waiting time is as short as possible. We owe this to our extensive fleet, that enables us to work quickly and efficiently, both at your and our locations. Have you got any questions about our shipping options? Please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.